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EDAMA Straps and Injection Molded Products

For Sustainable and Recyclable Industrial Packing 

EDAMA polypropylene (PP) strapping and injection molded industrial packing products are part of Ti’s sustainable solutions
Certified first quality PIR (post industrially recycled) resins are used to produce these products which provide recyclable packing solutions and support sustainability. EDAMA PP strapping is environmentally friendly and very easy to recycle.
Consistent strength and performance of EDAMA PP products are achieved using high quality raw materials and an advanced controlled manufacturing process. Precise testing protocols ensure high performance in reported Break Strength and Elongation at Break values. 
Lightweight, versatile, easy to use, and recyclable, PP straps cover a wide range of applications. EDAMA straps perform on manual, automatic, and semi-automatic packing machines. 
From project assessment to testing, Ti experts can help select the right product for the job. Contact us for more information.
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