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Together we Innovate for Future Generations

At Taghleef Industries, we aspire to go above and beyond. To set ourselves apart. To pioneer and demonstrate a difference. To set new standards and plan for generations ahead. We make an intentional effort to look within and beyond our industry to develop new ways to contribute and take initiative on matters that are important for our partners, our communities, and our stakeholders
Ti’s focus is on innovating sustainable products that meet real needs. Our manufacturing processes and the films we produce reduce food waste, improve medical safety and hygiene, and support a greener lifestyle. Our holistic approach to innovation and production assures our customers of overall sustainable practices in our manufacturing facilities and our range of products and services. This approach is Dynamic Cycle™.
Dynamic Cycle is Taghleef’s set of initiatives aimed to address sustainability issues within and for our stakeholders. It translates into strategic choices, advanced know-how, a focused investment strategy, and the most compliant portfolio. It is Taghleef’s trusted consulting voice that interacts with all its partners to contribute to the quality of life of generations to come.
With Dynamic Cycle, together, we are taking purposeful steps in the right direction while we are all continuing, searching, and investing to foster sustainability for the future.

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