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Research & Development

Developing specialty BoPP films with first-in-class R&D capabilities

Ti has positioned itself as a market leader by assembling some of the industry’s most experienced and respected research and development talent.

Our knowledge and experience with resins, additives, film manufacturing and converting processes, as well as application technologies enables us to meet the needs of many customers within our target markets.
Our strong customer relationships and reputation for innovative product development, gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can use technology to deliver solutions to our customers.

Our capabilities include R&D pilot facilities and testing laboratories around the world, with a Technology Center in the USA where we have a multitude of capabilities to conduct research and develop new products for our target applications. Our pilot line capabilites include extrusion, lamination and coating, which enables Ti to construct trial rolls for processing and to create the structures for testing in market applications. We have the capability to test the fitness for use of various film types in application for overwrap, insulation facing or decorative overlay for example.

Our internal technical capabilities enhance our ability to more efficiently develop new product and process technologies to improve our ability to commercialize new BoPP films that are both fit-for-use and fit-for-make.