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Titanium™ LTZ

Titanium™ LTZ

Add the Premier Quality
The Metallic multi layer In Mold Label film, Titanium™ LTZ 62, was developed to bring that “worry free” aspect to print conversion & molding functions.

This has been achieved by “locking” the metallic layer within the structure of the film. No metal adhesion problems, no scratch resistant issues. Thus leaving the IML friendly film surface for the printer to work his magic!
There is an ease of print conversion in all well known formats, allowing the creation of either a high quality brilliant “Mirror like” gloss or a matt “Gunmetal” effect. This being achieved with an appropriate gloss or matt over-varnish.
Growth in the use of Titanium™ has seen it expand beyond it’s target market of large pails. The film has found favour with smaller items also, from Yoghurt pots of 170ml up to 18 litre Paint pails.
A full Technical Support team is available throughout the value chain with additional help offered in the static charging of printed Titanium™ labels. This in co-operation with Simco-Ion.
There is no other film like Titanium™, our unique metallic IML film. Feel confident that all the historical interface issues of metallic substrates in IML applications are now consigned to the the past.
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