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Flexible meets Rigid Packaging
One of the most innovative molders in North America is IPL in Canada, who are reported to have supplied the very first in-mold labeled containers into North America.

Responding to sustainability efforts to reduce container wall thickness, Taghleef is partnering with IPL to promote the SkinnyPack™ concept, which is significant because the in-mold label itself becomes the wall of the container!

The specialized labels are printed and die-cut by the leading US-based, injection in-mold label supplier, Inland Label.
SkinnyPack™ could be the ultimate thin wall container.

One is left to wonder if this concept is more of a flexible packaging concept made rigid, or a flexible film hybrid of a rigid package. This concept is sparking significant interest amongst brand owners responding to innovative, sustainable (thinnest wall) packaging solutions, which stand up and out on the store shelf.

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