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High PSA bonding film
PPGP is a revolutionary new multi-layer film for pressure sensitive label applications with a glossy white cavitated look and one side top coated.
PPGP utilizes Ti's proprietary technology on the adhesive side of the film to provide a high energy bonding layer. This functionality is extremely important for a strong PSA adhesion to the facestock and a clean removal of the label from the surface it is applied to. PPGP is compatible with permanent, removable, ultra-removable, freezer grade and repositionable adhesives. 
On the other hand, Ti's top coating provides excellent print performance and superior graphics utilizing a variety of printing processes: UV Flexo and Offset, UV Screen, Water Flexo, Cold Foil and Thermal Transfer.
The film minimizes blocking issues and its stiffness optimizes die-cut performance and dispensability. 
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