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Industrial Barrier Label Facestock
PPFB is the revolutionary new multi-layer barrier film for industrial labeling applications requiring barrier to oils and stains.
It has a pearlized white opaque look and is available in 60 and 65 microns.
The main features of this film are:
  • Barrier properties incorporated into the film itself (not as an added coating)
  • High energy skin offering unmatched adhesion to the widest variety of adhesives
  • Same superior print performance offered by Ti’s family of topcoated facestock films
PPFB is suitable for a range of applications like tire labels, battery labels, wax and oil resistant industrial labels.
This tire label was produced in three-way partnership between Taghleef Industries, 3Sigma and Domino. Taghleef provided the proprietary facestock. 3Sigma coated the hotmelt adhesive designed for tire label applications as well as supplied the liner. The printing of this label was done using a Domino N610i digital label press using Dominos UV90 ink set. Domino also did the in-line die cutting.