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Differentiate your brand with Ti's sustainable white voided label film!
Taghleef Industries (Ti) offers a wide variety of BOPP wrap-around label (WAL) films that caters to various customer demands across all regions. If the requirement is high-speed labeling, enhanced aesthetics, or reduce plastic waste, together, we can help you find the right solution for your needs. 
Available in 28 microns, LMH is one of Ti's lightweight solutions that offer excellent whiteness and gloss for that additional shelf appeal. LMH28 allows brand owners to have a solution that fits all their requirements, i.e., product differentiation, efficiency, and sustainability.
Furthermore, thanks to its unique design, LMH28 is also a perfect replacement for thick transparent plain BOPP films currently used to label waters or carbonated soft drinks. Its mechanical strength makes it suitable to run on existing bottling lines with little to no modifications required on the labeling machine. 
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