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LIG 100

LIG 100

High Thickness White BOPP film for Cast PP replacement 
It is well known that in mold technology is a sustainable labeling option. Being an integral part of the container, in mold labels are resistant and durable. They can be applied into small or large applications and are perfectly recyclable when the container and the label are made of the same material, like polypropylene.

A recent introduction in Ti’s in mold films range is LIG 100, a monolayer high thickness BoPP product designed for large-size IML containers. LIG 100 can be used on label big buckets (> 20L), beer crates, storage boxes, household good and toys. Other suitable applications are banderole, food labels and tags. 

Thanks to its high bending stiffness, this substrate is a perfect solution to replace laminated or cast PP structures while downgauging the label film used. The result is a reduced plastic usage for a fully recyclable container.
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