Decorative Surfaces - Syndecor®
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Taghleef Industries, <div>SynDECOR delivers beauty and protection to decorative surfaces.</div>

SynDECOR delivers beauty and protection to decorative surfaces.

Decorative overlays made with SynDECOR delivers the following benefits:
  • Water Resistance: Superior protection for wood boards and other substrates.
  • Chemical & Stain Resistance: Easily cleanable surface material that is durable enough for frequent cleanings.
  • Thin & Lightweight: Ideal for Ready to Assemble (RTA) furniture RV/caravan and any application where less material is desired on decorative surfaces.
  • Miter-Foldability: With a living hinge for foldable back panels, drawer components, and flat pack, RTA furniture.  Suitable for profile wrapping as well.
  • UV Light Stability: Resists yellowing and fading for long lasting good looks on interior surfaces.
  • Print Consistency: Printers benefit from a smoother, less absorbant surface for enhanced print fidelity as well as improved coating performance.
  • Reliable Adhesion: Consistent chemical bonds to commonly used glues including PVAc, PUR APO, EVA and UF.
  • One-sided Lamination: Due to its dimensional stability, SynDECOR can be used for one-sided lamination without board warpage, reducing costs.
  • Health & Sustainability: Polyolefin-based with favorable Life Cycle Analysis. No plasticizers, harmful VOC's or toxic pyrolysis products.
     ◾Safe for incineration
     ◾Less material needed
     ◾Requires less ink than paper-based overlays