Decorative Surfaces - Syndecor®
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Taghleef Industries, <div>SynDECOR delivers design flexibility and quality to decorative surfaces<br/>

SynDECOR delivers design flexibility and quality to decorative surfaces

Decorative overlays made with SynDECOR film will deliver:
  • Exceptional Water Resistance: No more customer complaints. No more product performance compromises. Opens up new opportunities for product design and applications.
  • One-sided Lamination: Due to its dimensional stability, SynDECOR can be used for one-sided lamination without board warpage, reducing costs.
  • Miter-Foldability: With a “living hinge” for foldable back panels, cabinets, shelving and multi-purpose boards can now be folded, providing greater convenience, easier handling and transportation. The result is dramatic savings in materials, manufacturing, packaging and shipping costs.
  • Print Consistency: Converters benefit from enhanced print fidelity as well as improved coating performance.
  • Reliable Adhesion: Consistent chemical bonds to commonly used glues: EVA, PVA, UF, and PUR.
  • Better Machinability: Clean cuts and drill holes. No frayed edges that have to be reworked.
  • UV Light Stability: Stabilized to meet the needs for furniture, cabinets and fixtures for interior use.
  • Improved Sustainability: Polyolefin-based with favorable Life Cycle Analysis. No plasticizers or harmful VOC's.
         ◾Requires less ink than paper based overlays
  • Universal Benefits: As an all-purpose substrate, SynDECOR provides the manufacturer with a universal overlay, eliminating the complexities of working with multiple substrates.