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SynDECOR launches in the RV market with Interprint

SynDECOR launches in the RV market with Interprint

Sales of recreation vehicles (RV) in the U.S. are growing and SynDECOR® is well positioned to participate in this market growth. The average age of an RV buyer and the size of RV’s are coming down as Millennials enter the market. The shifting demographics are influencing a trend away from more traditional U.S. styling in RV interiors to a more contemporary and European look.

SynDECOR film is already used by leading décor printer, Interprint Inc., to produce decorative overlays for cabinetry, furniture, shelving, wall panels, ceiling panels and other applications. Now Interprint is introducing several new textured designs of their Premeer® decorative overlay made with SynDECOR for applications in RV’s. According to Bill Hines, Managing Director at Interprint, “SynDECOR film is a great fit for the requirements of the RV market enabling Premeer designs with high print fidelity and excellent board protection.”

Genesis Products in Elkhart, Indiana is the lamination and panel processing company that Interprint has partnered with to deliver these innovative new panels to the RV industry. Genesis makes components for most RV interior surfaces including cabinets, countertops, tables, walls, trim, moldings and a wide variety of laminated wall and accent panels.

“Genesis is always looking for innovative products and partners,” says Jon Wenger, CEO and President of Genesis Products, “and our team is excited to introduce Interprint’s product made with SynDECOR into the RV market. With this new product’s performance benefits we expect it to have application in high use areas.”

The panels made with SynDECOR will replace vinyl and paper-based overlays in RV wall panels, cabinetry and moldings. In addition to the beautiful designs created by Interprint and Genesis, the SynDECOR based panels provide a unique combination of functional benefits including water resistance and durability while using a lighter weight material, which is always important in the transportation market.