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SynDECOR EA for Easy Application

SynDECOR EA for Easy Application

For years, SynDECOR® BOPP film has given laminated panels beauty and durability with exceptional water resistance, print clarity, adhesion, and machinability.

Now, all the benefits of SynDECOR film are available from Ti in a finished unicolor decorative overlay that is ready to laminate to all types of boards used in the furniture market including particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and high-density fiberboard (HDF).

SynDECOR EA adds an ink coat, electron beam-cured top coat and pre-applied adhesive to the SynDECOR film, resulting in a finished decorative overlay—all under one roof. It’s a supply-chain game changer.

Laminators appreciate SynDECOR EA for easy, low- cost lamination. With the pre-applied adhesive, there is no glue cost (or clean up) and no wasted boards at start up. SynDECOR EA has a wide operating window in terms of lamination temperature and line speeds. Since SynDECOR EA requires only a hot nip laminator, panel and furniture suppliers can produce value added panels with relatively low investment cost versus other technologies.