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Kim Tin Group and Taghleef Industries target next generation of furniture components with SynDECOR

Kim Tin Group is one of Vietnam’s leading enterprises. Their 2000 employees produce and market a wide range of products that include welding rods and wire, non-ferrous metals, and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Kim Tin Group, established in January 2000, started up their first MDF plant in early 2009 to diversify their business base and take advantage of the abundant supply of wood fiber in Vietnam. It has proven to be a wise business decision with success driving them to start construction on their second manufacturing site. At 400,000 m³ of MDF capacity, this plant will be 5 times larger than the first and will be equipped and staffed to penetrate the global furniture component market.

To earn share in the highly competitive furniture industry it certainly helps to have sustainable, cost-effective production combined with product innovation. Kim Tin Group and its American partners at Western Pacific Plastics appear to be well positioned with an abundant supply of low-cost wood fiber, reliable energy supply, new and efficient processing equipment, and a motivated, low cost labor force. In order to enhance the appearance and performance of the furniture components you need a high-quality, high-performance, sustainable decorative surface to meet the ever-increasing demands for superior appearance and durability. With that said, welcome to Vietnam, welcome to Kim Tin Group, and welcome to Taghleef’s SynDECOR® decorative overlay.

Kim Tin Group is positioned to do very well in both domestic and global markets for years to come. Vietnam’s attractive demographics with a population of 95 million at average age of 30 years, in and of itself, represent a dynamic, growing market. Beyond Vietnam, the large European and American markets continue to search for more sustainable, cost-effective, and innovative furniture components. This will, in all likelihood, lead them to Vietnam and to products designed and constructed with Kim Tin Group’s MDF and Taghleef’s SynDECOR® decorative overlays.