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Corruven selects SynDECOR EA for their innovative 3D lighting design

Corruven selects SynDECOR EA for their innovative 3D lighting design

Corruven is a Canadian company, founded and led by former forest engineer and current CEO Alain Bélanger, whose philosophy can be summed up in his words: “If we cannot fight the demand for resources, we will have to optimize their usability. We need to find ways of meeting demands by using only a fraction of the resources currently required.”

Sustainability through innovation is at the heart of Corruven’s mission, which aligns ideally with Taghleef’s commitment to environmental responsibility and the circular economy.

Ti is excited about Corruven’s selection of SynDECOR® EA for their 3D Series lighting. SynDECOR EA is a BOPP-based decorative overlay that has an electron beam cured top coat and pre-applied hot melt adhesive, so it’s ready to laminate with just a hot nip roll. The 3D Series products feature a new durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly corrugated material to which SynDECOR EA is laminated. With its ability to deliver substrate protection with less material and more environmentally friendly components, it’s the perfect choice for this innovative lighting system that boasts both functional performance and sustainability.

“The engineers at Corruven like that SynDECOR EA eliminates the cost and mess of machine-applied glue,” remarked Alain Bélanger. “The film is easy to apply in our manufacturing process and suits the design aesthetic.”

Ti looks forward to partnering with Corruven as well as other innovators in sustainable design and manufacturing to develop the product solutions of the future.