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Ti is a young, dynamic and growing company. We are in a continuous process of expansion thanks to our recent mergers, placing us at the top echelon of BoPP producers worldwide.
Our international presence gives you the chance to work with people from many countries and different cultures. Our people bring both their skills and unique perspectives to the challenging work we offer. At Ti the opportunities are open to experienced professionals, recent graduates or people just starting out.
Join Ti and you can expect to learn and grow professionally as part of a diverse team working to deliver an expanding range of products and services to the packaging industry.
One of the reasons of our growth is our Human Potential, an asset upon which we always depend.

Why choose Ti?
The question is really “Why not? Ti offers what you need in a career. Join Ti and you will have opportunities to develop a career in a fast growing and dynamic environment with base in some of the fastest and most promising locations in the globe. Join Ti and you will have the chance to make important decisions and take on challenging responsibilities, working with top-caliber, world class professionals from around the world. Join Ti and become part of a culture of excellence, constantly driven to excel and improve. You won’t be just working for a living; – here you will be part of an international team focused on servicing our customers.

Opportunities for Growth
We are passionate about growth... for Ti and for all Ti employees. Aspiring to achieve growth rates well above the industry average, we clearly have the need to hire, develop and motivate the best people to help us drive that growth. To enable our growth, we put a great deal of effort behind creating a workplace where every Ti employee can reach his or her full potential and achieve maximum personal fulfillment and impact. We are constantly expanding our employee training and development resources. Networking, coaching and mentoring provide additional opportunities for people to grow professionally and personally throughout their careers. Do you want a chance to grow and develop throughout a long-term career in a multinational company? If so, consider Ti!

Career Development
Learning and growth are the main factors at the core of Ti’s commitment of a skill-based human resources system that focuses on those capabilities each person must develop in order to progress in his /her career. Training and development programs are mapped out for each employee at each stage of his/her career. Learning and growth also happen in the workplace and are embedded in our culture. You will work in a supportive environment that encourages innovative thinking and risk-taking. The end result is that you will use your leaders, your mentors, classroom courses and a variety of other resources, tools and experiences to achieve success and help us to reach our strategic goals.

Environment for Success
At Ti, we are striving to create a work environment that empowers every employee to reach his/her highest potential. We believe that only through a company-wide communication and understanding of our strategy, mission and values will we be able to unleash the power of collective creativity with a common purpose. Only by valuing the unique backgrounds and perspectives of all our people can we tap into new ideas for the packaging products and services of tomorrow. And only by providing our employees with cutting-edge tools and technology and whole-job responsibility are we able to transform the energy of our employees into an engine that applies science and technology to develop solutions that improve packaging performance.

What are you waiting for?
Your future just might be with Ti. And you just might be Ti's future.