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Sustainable packaging materials: is it really possible to use a holistic approach?
February 08, 2021

Sustainable packaging materials: is it really possible to use a holistic approach?

Taghleef Industries: new solutions in line with a more circular economy
The answer is yes. According to Mario Molinaro, Business Unit Flexibles Director and Head of Marketing Europe at Taghleef Industries, in a recent interview published by Packaging Europe, Mario explains why it is fundamental to adopt a broad approach to the development of sustainable packaging products.
Taghleef Industries' philosophy is focused not only on the continuous search for innovative solutions that satisfy the real needs of stakeholders, but also on the development of new solutions in line with a more circular economy. With Dynamic Cycle, Taghleef Industries aspires to go above and beyond the industry to develop products that positively impact people's lives and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.
Every Ti's product line was designed with exceptional properties made for recycling: OPP Specialties by Taghleef Industries are innovative PP-based substrates that combine high technical performance and recyclability. At the same time, EXTENDO® lightweight films offer high functional barriers and quality product protection.
Low-density SHAPE360™ TDS - polyolefin films for shrink labels - improve PET-bottle recycling stream quality by ensuring the separation of floatable printed sleeves from rigid PET flakes. Simultaneously, Biobased NATIVIA® solutions are breathable and compostable films derived from renewable resources (PLA). 
Taghleef Industries' technical film lines include DERPROSA ™ - Ti's brand for graphic arts with a dedicated line of biobased, biodegradable, and recycled laminating films for luxury applications.  Additionally, SynDECOR®, the range of films engineered for decorative laminates, is an ideal replacement for melamine paper.
reLIFE™ is the latest range of recycled polypropylene films that brings new life to used materials and saves limited fossil fuel resources. It includes packaging and labeling solutions with PCR (chemically or mechanically recycled) content or RPG (reprocessed granules) content. Its portfolio of PCR-CHEM films is ISCC Plus certified.
Taghleef industries' biobased PP films represent a biobased alternative to films made with conventional fossil materials: they are made with renewable resources of vegetable origin, contributing to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere with potential fossil depletion reduction by up to 80%.
In addition to high-level products, Taghleef Industries provides its customers with a range of value-added services through collaboration, expertise, and consultancy under the Dynamic Cycle initiative. For instance, the unique reDESIGN™ approach is a tailor-made service that Taghleef industries designed to facilitate the transition from traditional structures to innovative and sustainable packaging and labeling solutions that best fit brand owners' needs of requirements of packaging.
Setting new standards and planning sustainable solutions for future generations leads Taghleef Industries to actively contribute to change and involve every community player in a more dynamic way.