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Packaging Everyday Foods
September 25, 2015

Packaging Everyday Foods

Ti serves international and local markets with a wide packaging films range.
Ti offers a variety of packaging films suitable for the food industry such as snacks, biscuits, ice-creams, fresh cut vegetables, coffee, bakery, etc. The range of products include, transparent, matt, solid white, white voided and metallised films.

Taghleef Industries food packaging films satisfy the highest customer requests in terms of shelf-life extension, food safety, and high speed packaging machines, environmental impact and barrier properties EXTENDO™ (

Ti produces bio-based and compostable packaging films made of PLA branded NATIVIA™ ( The PLA films can be used for flexible packaging, overwrap, pressure sensitive labels, paper lamination, envelopes, windows, magazine wrap, etc.

Ti also provides films for adhesive tapes, plastic bags, flower wrapping, gift wrap, stand-up pouches for industrial products, pet food supplies, stationery, etc.

Label films form a vital part of Ti's offerings to the food and beverage industries and for several types of labelling technologies: IML, WAL Reel Fed, WAL Cut & Stack, SAL, Shrink.

Ti booth at Fachpack: Hall 5 Stand 109