Taghleef Industries introduces reLIFE™

As part of Taghleef’s initiative to pioneer in developing solutions that support the move from a linear to a more circular economy, Ti introduces its new product portfolio called reLIFE™. Under Taghleef’s Dynamic Cycle approach, reLIFE is a result of Ti’s expertise and continuous partnership with other prominent industry players.  


reLIFE by Taghleef Industries is an inter-segment portfolio of Recycled Polypropylene Solutions for a variety of applications that aims to bring new life to used materials and promote the saving of resources. This new product range consists of packaging and labeling solutions with either PCR (Chemically or Mechanically Recycled) content or reprocessed granules.


With Taghleef’s mission to deliver intelligent product solutions and sustainable added value through innovative research and breakthrough solutions, the reLIFE product range aims to contribute towards a better world. 


Together, let us continue innovating for future generations. 


For more information, visit reLIFE page or contact staff@ti-films.com 




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