EXTENDO® films on stage at K show

Taghleef Industries will be present at K-2019 (16th – 23rd October, Duesseldorf, Germany), hosted by Nippon Gohsei Europe GmbH – A Group Company of Mitsubishi Chemical (Hall 4/04.1). K fair is the most important exhibition worldwide in the field of plastics and rubbers, from raw materials to processing, research and applications. 


On stage EXTENDO®, the global leading portfolio for brand owners and retailers who choose to protect their food in mono-material, chlorine-free and recyclable solutions. Their unique properties, which offer proved alternatives to traditional packaging structures, are in line with the principles of the Circular Economy.


EXTENDO® product range ensures excellent protection of the product, thanks to its superior mineral oils, aroma, flavour, moisture and oxygen barriers.


The visitors of K-2019 will be able to see our latest developments for aluminium foil and PVdC coated films replacement used for stand-up pouches, coffee bags or dry fruit packages and monoweb for high speed packaging machinery. These are just few examples of the recyclable solutions that can be developed using EXTENDO® films.


Rethink, redesign your packaging with our EXTENDO® solutions will take a completely different meaning to brand owners, to consumers and to the planet.


EXTENDO® and the other Ti flexible packaging films are available in a wide range of aesthetical features. 

For more information please contact us at flexiblepackaging@ti-films.com 


Looking forward to seeing you at K-2019!

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