Biodegradable film NATIVIA™

Taghleef Industries has successfully started its new production line.
 Over a month earlier than planned, Taghleef Industries has successfully started the production of the new NATIVIA™ film from its plant in San Giorgio di Nogaro, Italy. NATIVIA™ is based on NatureWorks® PLA biopolymers, marketed under the brand name Ingeo™, 100% made from renewable resources. 

NATIVIA™ is a biodegradable and compostable film complying with the European standard EN13432. The start-up of the new line took place on August 18th, 2010 and since the following week the commercial production has commenced successfully. The first shipments of NATIVIA™ will be made beginning of September 2010. Valerio Garzitto, CEO Ti Europe explains “We are particularly proud of the work carried out by our technicians. The BoPLA line was ordered just 5 months ago, and we already obtained an enthusiastic result being able to be on the market now with a film with excellent characteristics.” Brueckner was the main supplier of this new BoPLA line. Mr Karl Zimmermann, Brueckner Sales Director, remarked that “Brueckner had been working hard together with Taghleef technicians to obtain such a valuable and advanced results. This is the proof of the perfect teamwork of two companies whose leading philosophy is innovation combined with development.”

NATIVIA™ films are produced for multiple applications:

  • Food: Fresh Produce, Bakery, Confectionery, Snacks, Dairy/Perishable/Lidding.
  • Non food: Labelling and Stationery.
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