A new 8.7 m BOPP line in Egypt

Taghleef Industries is pleased to announce the installation of a new BoPP line at Ti S.A.E. 6th of October City, Egypt.

Thin for downgauging
Most packaging solutions are today made with fossil raw material, Ti is committing new investments that will save resources by making possible significant downgauging while preserving original properties. For this, Ti will install a new line in Egypt with very specific design features. The proprietary technology emerging from this combined hardware and software will be implemented on major brands through partnerships.

Strategic location
With its enviable location, Egypt bridges Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Egypt is the hub for the world’s maritime traffic with commercial ports on the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Located at Taghleef Industries S.A.E. near Cairo, Egypt, the new line will cover the growing demand of BoPP films in Africa and in Europe at the same time.

Our customers will continue to require the reliable supply of standard films and to meet their growing needs, Ti is investing in a state of the art high speed wide machine. Through this strategic investment Ti will debottleneck its European operations of specialty films in order to satisfy the fast growing demand specifically of label and high-barrier films. At the
same time Ti will provide its customer base with highly serviced and cost efficient standard films.

We want to be able to always supply the BOPP market with utmost efficiency, Ti has reviewed its operations and decided to invest in a state of the art machine complementing its installed capacity in terms of width, thickness, treatment and other key properties. As a consequence, Ti offers unmatched capabilities to best serve its current customers and conquer new identified businesses.

The new BoPP line is scheduled to come on stream at the end of 2012.

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