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A new bioplastic packaging material.
Taghleef Industries, (Ti) one of the largest manufacturers of BoPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) packaging films in
the world, is launching a new bioplastic packaging material.

Throughout previous years Taghleef Industries, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has continuously
grown by size as well as by the product offering to the market. In 2008 Radici Film, Italy became part of the Group. Realizing the growing demand for more sustainable packaging solutions, Ti has invested into this new film technology and will start its production in their Italian plant near Venice later this year. Ti acknowledges that Bioplastics have emerged as real alternatives to oil-based plastics in Europe, USA and Asia and major market players are investing. “We have established a market position as a reliable, long-term committed supplier to the industry. We believe that this continuity and stability will support the market growth for our new BoPLA films. The market response so far is highly encouraging.” comments Valerio Garzitto, CEO of Ti Europe.
Frank Ernst, Product Manager and experienced in the Bioplastics market explains: “Our new BoPLA film range is based
on the PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) resin IngeoTM from NatureWorks. These resins are based on 100% renewable resources and are registered by AIB Vincotte under the OK Biobased certification scheme with the highest 4 star rating of renewable carbon content. Recent developments in the market left a gap which we are delighted to fill guaranteeing the continuous supply of BoPLA films to our customers. The market response on Ti’s move is very positive and customers will benefit from our vast experience as a reliable supplier to the flexible packaging industry.”

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