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Taghleef Industries launches Dynamic Cycle™
October 08, 2020

Taghleef Industries launches Dynamic Cycle™

Taghleef Industries launches Dynamic Cycle™ Institute:   
A Journey Towards Circular Economy Webinar Series
At Taghleef Industries, we aspire to go above and beyond. To set ourselves apart. To pioneer and demonstrate a difference. To set new standards and plan for generations ahead. We look within and beyond our industry to develop new ways to contribute and take action on matters that are important for our partners, our communities, and our stakeholders. As we advance towards Sustainability and Circular Economy, Ti proudly presents Dynamic Cycle™, Taghleef’s overarching sustainability program that cover Ti’s Commitments, Corporate Goals, Solutions, and Services.  
Dynamic Cycle is Taghleef’s set of initiatives aimed to address sustainability issues within and for our stakeholders. It translates into strategic choices, advanced know-how, a focused investment strategy, and the most compliant portfolio. It is Taghleef’s trusted consulting voice that interacts with all its partners to contribute to the quality of life of generations to come.
And to officially introduce Ti’s Dynamic Cycle, Taghleef is launching its webinar series entitled “Dynamic Cycle Institute: A Journey Towards Circular Economy.” The first webinar will take place on 21 October 2020 at 3 PM CET and will be led by Ti’s own Mr. Dominic Leary - Sustainability Consultant, Mr. Patrick Desies - Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Mrs. Monica Battistella - Product Manager and Sustainability Advisor. 
The series will continue with webinars conducted by Taghleef partners and industry experts including CEFLEX (Tuesday, 27th October at 3PM CET), Interseroh (Thursday, 12th November at 3PM CET), RecyClass (Thursday, 26th November at 3PM CET), and HTP Cyclos (Thursday, 10th December at 3PM CET). The Dynamic Cycle Institute Webinar Series is part of Taghleef’s commitment to raise awareness and present solutions on pressing issues within our industry. 
For more information on Taghleef’s Dynamic Cycle Initiative and Webinar Series, visit and sign up at: or feel free to write us at