Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 9

With approximately 1,600
exhibitors and 44,000 visitors
from all across Europe, this year’s
FachPack event was bigger and
more Euro-inclusive than ever
As is the case with many
packaging trade shows these
days, the primary topics centered
on sustainability and the circular
economy, with exhibitors and
visitors fully engaged in exploring
packaging alternatives designed
to replace established multi-
material laminates with recyclable
solutions. Taghleef`s NATIVIA®
and EXTENDO® lines are star
performers when the talk turns
to the need for sustainability in
NATIVIA is a 100% bio-based film
that offers excellent mineral
oil and aroma barriers as well
as an exceptionally low carbon
footprint compared with other
packaging substrates. NATIVIA
and its properties promote
an environmentally friendly
packaging that uses fewer natural
resources and leaves less waste.
Thanks to its unique structure
that delivers an exceptional barrier
against aroma, gas, vapor, and
mineral oil, Taghleef’s EXTENDO
line, in combination with a CPP or
’s high seal strength film TSH,
provides a perfect substrate to
replace established laminates like
PET/PE or PET/ALU/PE with a
mono-material solution.
To support the design and
re-design of packaging for
recyclability to achieve their
circular economy goals,
INTERSEROH partnered with
Taghleef to try EXTENDO.
INTERSEROH tested several
films in their production facilities
and reported that the packaging
featuring EXTENDO films achieved
the “Made for Recycling” label.
That designation is only given
to packaging that scores more
than 18 of 20 points in the
scientific testing of sortability and
recyclability by the criteria of the
BIFA environmental institute.
Experts from both INTERSEROH
and Taghleef were present at
FachPack to answer questions
and provide information to
interested visitors. Taghleef is
ready to partner with packaging
companies throughout Europe and
around the world to help meet
and exceed customers’ needs for
sustainability and the circular
FachPack 2019
Sustainability in focus at this European trade event
Ti Europe Team: Szilárd Csato, Alberto Scala, Gunnar Vahlenkamp, Andreas Müller, Gabriela Tempo,
Oliver Nickel, Marina Birnbaum, Alexander Georgescu, Manfred Hohmann, Dr. Ulrich Reiners
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