Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 6

Strategies for Sustainability
Shape of things to come
TDS Shrink films are flexible & sustainable
Imagine the freedom to fully decorate beverage
containers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes while
maintaining transparent windows. Or the
ability to shrink a sleeve on a thin or
empty dairy container without squeezing
it. Or designing a personal care product
with a tailored suit and avoiding the
undesired “smile effect.” Better
yet, imagine achieving all of this
while improving recyclability,
and thus sustainability.
’s SHAPE360™ TDS can
make these possibilities a
reality. SHAPE360 TDS is
a global product that is the
ideal choice for companies
who want to step forward in
shrink sleeve labels without
compromising environment
safety. While performance
and design differentiation
are powerful drivers that
make TD shrink sleeves
one of the fastest-growing
sectors of the label market,
environmental concerns about
the recyclability of labeled
PET containers have been
raised and should not be
When plastic containers reach their end of life, they
are collected and sent along with other plastic wastes
to be recycled at sorting facilities. Mixed plastic
wastes are mechanically crushed into plastic
flakes that are transferred to a floatation tank
filled with water. Here, low-density materials
float while high-density materials such as
PET-flakes sink. Floatable SHAPE360 films,
designed with a proprietary low-weight
olefin polymer technology, reduce the
weight of labels, which improves the
quality and yield of PET recycling.
With SHAPE360, all bottle and
label materials are recoverable and
With European recycling legislation
being reworked for 2020 and new
legislation being proposed in the U.S.,
the topic of recycle-friendly packaging
and labels is and will continue to be an
important focus of discussion between
plastic manufacturers, packaging
converters, and brand owners. Being
sustainable is a mindset and a lifestyle
choice, and
is helping brand owners
embrace and thrive throughout this
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