Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 3

At Taghleef, our core purpose is to bring people, partners,
and stakeholders together to contribute towards making
a better planet by fostering sustainable innovation — with
one packaging, one product and one brand at a time. We
achieve this by using our global reach, scale, and research
within and beyond our industry to develop breakthrough
solutions that impact people’s lives today and in the
future. That purpose is at the heart of our new corporate
motto: Together we Innovate.
Collaborating with customers, vendors, and colleagues to
uncover new perspectives, discover new challenges, and
explore new solutions is the way we do business.
Whether it’s developing new films for labels and
packaging or new ideas that will propel us all forward
together, Taghleef works together to innovate.
New corporatemotto:
Taghleef is always looking at packaging films from
a series of perspectives, from environmental impact
to aesthetic and tactile benefits to performance. On
our cover, you see a microscopic perspective showing
a topographical representation of the surface of one
of our advanced packaging films. The image was
produced using a special machine called an atomic
force microscope (AFM) at one of the best engineering
and science universities in the USA, Purdue University.
AFM is one tool that allows us to study in detail the
nature of our films and innovate to achieve ever higher
While the majority of our films are mostly flat, the
film pictured on the cover is unusual: it’s a new high-
performance packaging film engineered to prolong the
freshness of food. In the image, low valleys are blue,
peaks are yellow, and red is the midpoint. The entire
range is only 100nm, or one ten millionth of a meter.
The colors provide height data that help us measure and
characterize concepts like roughness. We can use it to
find imperfections in a surface, identify causes of failure
and success, and even show us variances in hardness on a
nanometer scale. It also makes for a super striking image
for this innovative
News cover!
we Innovate
About the Cover: A microscopic view of our innovative packaging film
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