Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 22

At Taghleef, sustainability
is integral to the way we do
business—globally, locally, and in
every department.
For example, when the marketing
department at
North America
commissioned new booth fixtures
for use at trade shows and expos,
the question remained: what
should be done with the old
materials? After a quick call to
’s Terre Haute site, 23 crates of
retired booth materials were on
their way to a new life in Indiana.
In their new home at Terre Haute
North Vigo High School, just
miles from
’s Brown Street
distribution center, they’re now
part of educational programs
such as TV production, art, and
construction technology. Media
Arts teacher Mrs. Brittney Hardy
shared how excited she was “for
the students and the possibilities
this donation provides them!”
Students, teachers, and school
administrators alike are thrilled to
put these materials to good use
throughout the school.
From trade shows to high school
A new life for old boothmaterials
Located only a few hundred meters
from the sea,
’s Biofilm plant in
Cartagena, Colombia has a front-
row view of the problems of plastic
and other waste in our waterways.
Photos show the before, after, and
aftermath of
’s efforts to clear a
small drainage canal alongside the
At Taghleef, we not only obey
the most stringent environment
principles with regards to our
production, but we also make it our
duty to take care of our immediate
surroundings. Employees undertook
a huge effort in Cartagena, first
with shovels and later with a
backhoe, to clear the water of debris.
Unfortunately, the very next rainfall
washed more trash and debris into
the canal. While
continues with
a frequent cleaning program to
prevent standing water and stop
plastic waste from reaching the
sea, the root cause is the lack of an
effective waste collection system
in the village. So much waste is still
disregarded carelessly that it is an
endless beginning.
Downstreamproblems need
To help remedy the problem at the
source, we’ve partnered with local
customers and a supplier to educate
members of the community on
the importance of environmental
responsibility. As an industry, we can
lead the way, but we need awareness
and participation from everyone to
make a lasting difference. This and
more will guide us on our path to
positively influencing our community
and lead in social and environmental
Environmental protection
is everyone’s responsibility
After the next storms,
trash begins to
accumulate again.
After manual
After more
cleanup with heavy
Before cleanup
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