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The largest country in Africa in land size, Algeria
stands at the convergence of three cultures:
Mediterranean, Arabic and African. With its
population of 43 million people, half under 30,
Algeria’s thriving economy offers substantial
business opportunities. This predominantly
agriculture-based society has food processing
as one of the largest and growing segments,
distinguished by a high consumption of soft drinks
and a locally grown producer as market leader.
Algeria is one of the oldest markets of
where the relationships go back to the times
of Al Khaleej Polypropylene, formerly known
Oman and later
Egypt. The company
continues to grow to meet market demands for
innovation, speed of supply and technology for
high performance and sustainable packaging
solutions. For example,
’s lighter and
versatile wrap around label grades like LGL,
LMW, LTG are the chosen label films for
soft drinks brands. Taghleef is the preferred
source of innovation for the budding
in-mould labels industry for margarine,
chocolate and cheese spreads.
Join the Taghleef team at Djazagro 2020
As part of
’s local efforts and
commitment, Taghleef Industries will
be showcasing its wide range of packaging solutions in
the upcoming Djazagro 2020. Taking place at the SAFEX
Exhibition Centre in Algiers on April 6-9, Djazagro is one of
the most highly anticipated shows in the region, bringing
together all the Algerian and international players in the
food and packaging industry.
AMEA welcomes new team member!
Taghleef welcomes Mr.
Youcef Bouzidi as a Sales
Representative with the
AMEA sales team. Youcef
is passionate about
building business through
customer relationships.
A French national with
four years of experience in
Pharmaceuticals and
Cosmetics, Youcef will drive
Taghleef sales activities in
francophone African countries.
Taghleef in Algeria
A continuing commitment
Youcef Bouzidi,
Sales Representative AMEA
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