Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 20

Ti Dubai and EDHAF Employees
More versatility, value and visual appeal
s newMSFmatte film
me for sports in Dubai!
The newest addition to
’s range of matte films is now more
versatile than ever! With one side having excellent matte
appearance and the other side being glossy and treated for
printing and laminating needs, MSF adds visual appeal and
value to packaging.
Offering more than improved aesthetics, the film also
performs well on various horizontal and vertical packaging
machines. What’s more, it has excellent runability thanks
to its wide heat seal range, good anti-static characteristics,
and consistent slip properties. It’s also compatible with both
rotogravure and flexographic reverse printing.
Suitable for various food packaging applications as well as
paper and board lamination needs, MSF is available in 18, 20,
and 30 microns. It truly is one of the most attractive, easiest
to run, and most versatile matte films on the market today.
One of the most highly anticipated
events at
Dubai is the annual
Sportsfest. The Dubai staff look
forward to this event all year as it
gives everyone who participates—
whether as participant or spectator—
the opportunity to unwind after work,
connect with other colleagues from
different departments, and enjoy
lunch and snacks throughout the day.
This year’s Sportsfest was a bigger,
better event for all as it was no longer
limited to just volleyball and cricket.
Participants were divided into several
groups to compete through a variety
of games and athletic challenges in
order to determine the winning team.
In addition to the competitions, all
of the
and EDHAF employees who
attended were entitled to a raffle
coupon for a chance to win different
prizes. With its friendly competitive
spirit and festive atmosphere,
Sportsfest was truly a fun and
memorable day for all.
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