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Taghleef Industries, along with resident partner Namson,
attended the launch ceremony of Accredo Asia in Bình
Du’o’ng Province, outside Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The
state-of-the-art flexible packaging converting plant with
Reifenhauser’s most advanced gravure and flexo presses,
blown film line, tandem and single pass extrusion,
and a nordmeccanica dry laminator is built to foster
Accredo Asia, part of the API Group of Companies
and headquartered in the United States, produces
conventional, compostable, and renewable sustainable
flexible packaging solutions that primarily target the
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) segment.
More than 100 people attended the launch gala ceremony,
which featured opening remarks from the leaders of
Accredo and Reifenhauser, a scintillating fire show, and
plant tours for interested guests.
Accredo chose to collaborate with Taghleef to benefit
from its innovative and sustainable packaging films.
Both companies are working together on high barrier
metallized BOPP and wraparound label film projects.
My name is David Dunn.
My Aboriginal name is
Gaagang. Born in 1964,
I am Wiradjuri and I
come from a small
town 50 miles west of
Dubbo called Trangie (in
Aboriginal this means
As for my art, I use my
own style. I was told by
an elder from the Warburton community, “Paint what
you feel; not what you see.” So I paint from the heart
and from the memories of my childhood. Our family’s
totem is the emu and I have been told I have an
extremely strong sense of spirit and family.
Accredo Asia partners with Taghleef
Conventional, compostable, renewable solutions
About David Dunn
From Left to Right: Muhammad Ali Mirza (Ti), Huynh Phi Long, Head of R&D Accredo
Asia, and Huynh Thi Kim Luyen, Partner SE Packaging Group Ltd (Ti Representative in
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