Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 18

A previous issue of
featured the story of Australian
aboriginal artist Dave Dunn and
his transformation of cast-off
cardboard cores into art. The
artwork was well-received and
Taghleef commissioned Mr. Dunn
to create more paintings which
now grace the corporate offices in
Dubai and Wodonga.
The painting shown is the artist’s
creative representation of
growth, values, and commitment
to the circular economy. The tree
at the center stands for Taghleef
as a whole, while its five main
branches represent the areas
operates: Oceania, Asia,
Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
Aboriginals in Australia believe
the earth we inhabit is central to
our life, as it generously provides
us the air we breathe, the water
we drink, and different plants and
animals in various forms. There
must be no separation between
the sacred earth and the people
who inhabit it. The art reminds us
of the need to be mindful of our
actions, as they greatly impact our
planet’s sustainability.
Aboriginal Artist
Commissioned for Dubai andWodonga locations
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