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Schattdecor launches
-based product line
Schattdecor is the first décor printer
to introduce a SynDECOR®- based
decorative overlay that’s produced
in Europe. Smartflex Nature is
Schattdecor’s innovative solution
to the demand for thermoplastic
surfaces in the furniture and interior
design industry. It features a
“decorSynchronous” look and matte
finish with real wood character.
The flexibility and formability
enabled by the SynDECOR film makes
Smartflex Nature ideally suited for
wrapping wood components and
trim. It’s flexible enough for hinged
or folded components such as
shelf inserts or cabinet backs while
also offering an anti-fingerprint
technology that’s engineered into
the surface. In addition, its superior
water resistance and easy-clean
surface make it a perfect choice for
use in wet environments such as
kitchens and baths.
SynDECOR film is produced in
’s Alcala la Real plant in Spain.
Schattdecor prints and lacquer
coats the film to produce the
finished decorative overlay which
is then supplied in roll form to their
customers for lamination to wood
According to Klaus Müller, Executive
Sales Director for Processed Surfaces
at Schattdecor, “Smartflex Nature
is the first printed, ready-to-use
thermoplastic surface we have
ever offered for furniture. Using
Taghleef’s SynDECOR film as the
print substrate allows us to offer
vastly superior moisture resistance
and flexibility than would be
possible with other materials.”
SynDECOR is the ideal material
for decorative overlays like
Smartflex Nature because it
provides a smooth, consistent
print surface for superior print
quality while also using less
ink in the printing process
than paper-based overlays.
A polypropylene-based
BOPP film, SynDECOR is
a more environmentally
conscious choice than
other thermoplastics
such as PVC. In addition,
the board protection performance
is achieved using less material,
promoting sustainability.
looks forward to the continuous
innovations coming from Schattdecor
using SynDECOR film for their
Smartflex Nature decorative overlays
in the future.
Schattdecor Smartflex Nature is
perfect for kitchens and baths.
Photo courtesy of Schattdecor
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