Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 14

PET 12µ / FOIL 9µ / PE
g/m2 dia cc/m2 dia
PET 12µ /
2T 15µ / PE
PET 12µ / PET
MET 12µ / PE
Better products for a better planet
New aluminum foil replacement
Taghleef Industries, aware of its obligation to
offer sustainable packaging options, and aligned
with the market’s common objective to use
packaging that is easier to recycle with a lower
environmental impact, has begun launching
ultra-high barrier bio-oriented polypropylene to
replace aluminum films.
A clear application for these new films is in the
micro-pulverized products segment for items
such as coffee, powdered milk, and powdered
soft drinks that need high barrier to moisture,
oxygen, and light. Traditionally, these
products have been packaged using a tri-
lamination structure of polyester-aluminum-
polyethylene. As a solution,
’s new platform
of products offers a transparent low slip
polypropylene film laminated to a metallized
polypropylene film with ultra-high barrier
and very high seal strength and sealing
integrity, opening the door to mono-material
structures that facilitate its recycling.
Taghleef films replace aluminum foil with
a metallized film of low thickness that is
treated on both sides, increasing recyclability and
decreasing environmental impact. In addition,
has replaced aluminum with aluminum oxide in its
ultra-high barrier films, delivering a solution that
maintains the properties of aluminum while avoiding
contamination during the recycling process.
Taghleef develops films for a demanding present while
still imagining a better future in which planet-
friendly alternatives are the priority.
Bioalumin-ULTR and ALU-CLEAR
ULTR are just the beginning.
WVTR & OTR Barriers three ply lamination
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