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Better together:
Biofilmbringsmoreoptions toNorthAmericanmarket
Innovando Con
Andina Pack 2019
As a leader in the fast-paced, exciting, and challenging
North American packaging market, Taghleef continues
to expand and adapt to the market’s needs. As we
listen to our customers and observe the market, we
seek to understand the trends shaping our packaging
future. The movement away from preservatives and
colorants toward natural ingredients, the trend toward
a wider variety of food types, and the demand for
recyclable solutions have converged to push packaging
toward continually better barrier, clear barrier, and OPP
equivalents for alternate substrates like foil and PET.
Taghleef’s recent merger with Biofilm has increased our
ability to respond to these market forces. Our combined
portfolio of clear barrier films provides good-better-best
options for diverse markets from bakery to pharma,
and it is clearly broader than any of our competitors’
offerings. Metallized films ranging in barrier levels and
sealant options, thicknesses, and appearances offer
a myriad of possibilities. The North American sales
group is excited to extend the sales and service reach of
Biofilm’s products to a broader base of North American
For the first time since the merger with Biofilm,
Taghleef exhibited at Andina Pack, the most important
international fair in Latin America. The fair took place in
Bogotá, Colombia from November 19 to 22 and had more
than 525 exhibitors. With their combined sales forces
and the most advanced technologies,
offers the Latin
American market the widest range of product solutions in
food packaging, labels, and graphic arts.
Taghleef also warmly welcomed VIP guests to an
evening cocktail social which was held nearby. The event
featured enjoyable music, delicious food and drinks,
and good company. With
s global upper management
in attendance at both the fair and the evening event,
Taghleef’s genuine commitment to customers in the
region was evident.
Visitors to the booth included customers from Mexico,
Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala, and El Salvador,
among others. Conversations over authentic Colombian
coffee were focused on market trends and the heightened
emphasis on sustainability and the circular economy.
continues to support the circular economy with innovation
and creativity, generating value in a sustainable way.
Taghleef Latin America Team
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