Ti-News n. 23 // January 2019 - page 12

From Left to Right: Wolfgang Sprehe, Matthias Bredel (Ti Films), Izabela Schäfer, Stephan
Krabbe, Rainer Kruse, Daniel Rosne
590 is the first IML film sensitive
to UV light, developed to simplify
the automatic identification of
blow-by defect at molders.
D590 is a 60µ white voided film for
I-IML suitable for small/medium
containers and lids as well as thin
and thick wall applications.
The innovation of D590 is
represented by its intrinsic
fluorescence property on the
injection side. This unique feature
facilitates the automatic in-line
detection of blow-by, which is one
of the most common defects that
impacts the quality of injection
molded containers with IML and
increases the rate of discarded
D590 reacts to the UV light
source used in the quality control
inspection system. This means
that if the label is exposed on the
injection side (blow-by defect),
this will be easily detected by the
camera, and the defective container
will be rejected.
This feature does not compromise
the printing and injection
performance of the film. D590
guarantees good chargeability and
antistatic properties, excellent die
cutting and overlap performance,
and is suitable for conventional
offset inks.
First IML film sensitive to UV light:
Boosting quality control and efficiency
Half the thickness, same performance
D445 at K trade fair withWindmöller & Hölscher
At K trade fair 2019, Taghleef worked in partnership w
Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) to introduce an important
milestone in the field of food packaging. A leading
international manufacturer of machines and solutions
for flexible packaging production, W&H ran
’s ultra-
thin D445 (10µ) film on their Heliostar S gravure printing
Gravure printing of thin films poses a particular challenge
because the register accuracy must be up to same
standards as that of a 20µ film. However, using D445
successfully showed that consistent excellent register
quality at high speeds is possible, even when film
thickness is halved. This means that twice as many
packages can be produced with the same amount of raw
material—a huge advance in circular economy efficiency.
D445 is a sealable and pre-treated film that delivers
outstanding performance at a print speed of up to 400m/
min. It is excellently suited as a print carrier in PP single-
material laminates with barrier films such as EXTENDO®.
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