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Q: What is Interpack, and why is it one of the most
significant and most anticipated shows in the packaging
A: Interpack began in March 1958 with just 30,000 sqm
space and 250 exhibitors from 9 participating countries.
Since then, Interpack has developed into the biggest, most
important global packaging trade fair, attracting machine
manufacturing companies and predominantly packaging
solutions providers. Last Interpack, with a bigger space
of 180,000 sqm, the show attracted 2,900 exhibitors
with 170,000 visitors from 170 countries. The upcoming
Interpack 2020 promises new records and is anticipated to
be bigger than ever before.
Q: When did
start participating at Interpack? Can
you describe how
’s participation in the show evolved
throughout the years?
first participated at Interpack in 2008, basically just
after the company was established. We first had it on a
small, decent scale but with the same basic concept we
aim for today. Of course, as the company evolved and grew
towards business development, we adapted the concept
to convey the right statement to the public. In 2017, we
presented ourselves in a new, modern style, and I believe
we’ve reached a well-balanced format that strikes the right
Q: What are the significant results of regular participation
in the show?
A: There have been some general different opinions about
attendance or non-attendance at exhibitions and what
kind of value could be gained by attending them. For me,
the answer is given on the spot when we meet customers
and suppliers. It’s such a great opportunity to meet many
important people from the industry in a very efficient style.
Every conversation is valued. And not to mention, it’s great
to have a very broad insight of the industry when you’re
walking the exhibition grounds.
Q: Are there any new solutions or innovations
will be
presenting during the show?
A: Of course! This is always a key element of our Interpack
presence since this exhibition takes place only every 3
years. It’s a relatively long period of time, and a lot of new
developments can happen in between—from new products
to environmental developments. This time, Interpack will
probably be dominated by the topic of circular economy to
responds with our NATIVIA®, EXTENDO®, and a
range of sustainable packaging solutions.
Q: Are there any activities in the booth that our visitors
should anticipate?
A: During the last Interpack, we featured for the first time
a “Speakers’ Corner” which was well received. We are proud
to continue this element along with other improved and
modernized features in the booth. I am very confident
that the activities
will present on our stand will be
appreciated by all visitors.
Q: How is
’s participation for the 2020 show going to be
different from previous editions?
A: One can expect a “solid and well-oiled performance”
from a committed team of
colleagues from around
the globe. We promise a successful Interpack 2020 with
outstanding services that guests can expect from both our
booth and hotel boat. Our famous morning briefings will
guarantee that!
Interpack 2020
Q&Awith Andreas Mueller
News interviewed Andreas Mueller, Managing Director of Taghleef
Germany, to learn more about Taghleef’s participation at Interpack, the
highly anticipated trade show for the packaging industry.
Andreas Mueller
Ti Germany Managing Director
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