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Taghleef proudly showcased label film innovations at
Labelexpo Europe in September in Brussels, Belgium. The
40th anniversary edition was the largest yet with over 600
, Labelexpo Europe is a well-established event where
we nurture connections with customers, industry leaders,
and partners and expand an already impressive international
business network.
Today, there is intense focus on circular economy, and it was
certainly a hot topic at Labelexpo. One way
responded was
to hold a panel press event to discuss three film innovations
in sustainability: renewable resource NATIVIA® IML films,
floatable shrink sleeve films, and PCR content films.
’s clear NATIVIA D813, a PLA film for injection in-mold
labels, is the first bio-based and biodegradable solution
for I-IML on the market, and it complements the existing
portfolio of
’s IML BoPP films by bringing the added value
of a PLA-based product.
SHAPE360™ is the brand name for
’s TDS 50µ film, a
remarkable 65% TD shrink sleeve label film that supports
circular economy with improved recyclability of sleeve
decorated PET containers.
Although Taghleef has not yet launched a commercial film
with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, we shared our
commitment and projects on the use of PCR content for
label films with our valued partners and customers.
also hosted live presentations on the booth. Visitors lined
up to hear Nico Van Der Walle speak on MCC Verstraete’s
launch of their printer solutions for sustainable IML
packaging. We also welcomed Michael Minch Dixon from
CEFLEX who presented on circular economy.
In addition to highlighting their sustainable film solutions,
Taghleef presented PPGP and PPGB, two top coated films
for pressure sensitive labels which are BBP-free and food
approved. They have unique extruded (not coated) adhesive
bonding layers as well as proprietary polymer technology
that provides the best barrier in the market to migrating oils
and substances. Now that’s real innovation!
With such a wide portfolio of products on display and so
much activity on the booth around sustainable solutions,
this 40th edition of Labelexpo was one of the most
interactive and collaborative exhibitions ever.
Labelexpo Europe 2019
Together we innovate for labels
Taghleef Global Labels Team
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