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Q: What is your first impression of
the effect of this integration on
innovation capacity?
A: Biofilm has always been familiar
’s products and their ability
to add value and differentiation in
the market. Joining forces with a
company that has a similar focus on
innovation has had an exponential
effect. Not only have we been able
to validate and complement the
solutions we offer to the market,
but we have also expanded the
number of scientists contributing
to these solutions and multiplied
sources of external knowledge in our
innovation model. As a result, we
have been able to better identify the
most effective methods to boost
Q: Since the two companies
offered similar products, was it
only production capacity that was
increased when you joined forces?
A: As two BOPP-producing
companies, we did offer similar
products. However, in the shared
American market, we focused on
different segments:
was a leader
in the label market, while Biofilm
was a leader in metallized barrier
films. Together we are now able to
offer an expanded and more robust
product line to our customers.
Q: What other benefits have you
identified so far in the integration
A: Well, for one, our suppliers are
key sources of knowledge. Through
deep and mutually beneficial
supplier relationships built over
the years, and with six innovation
centers across four continents,
we now have access to cutting-
edge technology worldwide and
can replicate knowledge gained
anywhere throughout all of our
innovation and production centers.
Another important benefit is the
combination of our sales forces.
Our sales representatives are
culturally diverse, customer-
focused, and have a high degree
of technical knowledge. With their
deep understanding of the markets
and the solutions that the markets
require, R&D can design and offer
products that meet the needs of
our customers globally while also
meeting local requirements.
Q: Have there been any difficulties
in the integration process?
A: For the most part, it has been
easy. With similar development
lines, the Biofilm team has
integrated very well with the
innovation model. The biggest
challenge, really, has been to ensure
that the integration process is
successful while also keeping our
focus on ongoing projects so we can
achieve the goals that have been
set, both globally and locally.
Q: What will you focus on now to
ensure a productive and profitable
A: The goal of any innovation
department is continuous
improvement of products and
methodologies. In our specific case,
our focus will be on unifying the
technological platforms that the
Biofilm and
R&D teams have
built over the years, providing
advanced products and enhanced
technologies that allow customers
to differentiate themselves in the
Merging innovationmodels
Q&Awith Gabriel Durana,
Director of Innovation,
Latin America
Biofilm joined forces with Taghleef Industries
in January 2019. Gabriel shares his unique
perspective on the integration of R&D
departments at
Latin America.
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