Ti-News n. 22 // July 2019 - page 20

Following the “European Strategy
for Plastics in a Circular Economy”
at the beginning of 2018, Germany
was first to respond with the new
German Packaging Act 2019 called
“Verpackungsgesetz” (VerpackG).
The main objective of VerpackG is to
reduce the impact of packaging waste
on the environment. It also makes
food producers more responsible for
promoting the use of eco-friendly and
recyclable packaging. For example,
the more of the packaging structure
that is recyclable, the smaller the tax
attributed to it. VerpackG applies to
all manufacturers and distributors,
including importers and online
retailers that sell packaged products in
offers a mono-material solution
In this new regulatory context,
high barrier BOPP EXTENDO® films
have attracted a lot of interest
among companies looking for Alu-
foil, PET, and PVDC replacement—
the replacement of aluminum foil
in multilayer structures—and for
solutions based on mono-material
(BOPP) laminates which are recyclable
within the plastic stream.
A good example is Taghleef’s
partnership with two Italian
companies to create an advanced
structure for a 1kg coffee quad seal
bag. The partners are Bioplast, who
produces printed packaging and
biodegradable bags for food and
non-food, and Saicaf, a company that
has specialized in coffee production
since 1932.
To maintain product quality and
freshness, Taghleef proposed
EXTENDO XZMX, a high barrier
metallized film as a substitute for
Aluminum and PET metal, which
are used in the traditional structure.
XZMX is suitable for lamination with
other PP materials.
The resulting new package is made of
a PP mono-material which facilitates
recyclability while also providing
an ultra-high barrier to mineral oil,
aroma, oxygen, moisture, light, and
UV rays.
Taghleef is analyzing the recyclability
of the packages at two institutions
in Germany: INTERSEROH, a major
recycling company, and CYCLOS-
HTP, a company specialized in
classification of recycling.
to collaborate with our customers
and with independent entities to
study the results and is committed to
continuous product innovation.
films help companies
meet packaging laws
The innovative solutions provided by Taghleef—with mono-material structures that facilitate
recycling while maintaining high performance of the packaging—are excellent alternatives for the
large market of high quality coffee in Latin America. Without a doubt, these 100% PP structures
are highly appreciated by brand owners as well as by consumers who are increasingly aware of and
concerned about reducing negative environmental effects.
—Eugenio Vives, Taghleef Sales Manager – Latin America
PET 12 μm Non sealing transparent BoPP Film 25 μm
Al 8 μm
PE 60 μm CAST PP 55μm
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