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Better taste, less waste
high barrier films
With the EXTENDO
tagline “Better
Taste, Less Waste,” Taghleef
emphasizes the goals of its corporate
philosophy coinciding with current
business trends that support the
circular economy: product protection,
performance, recyclability, and
The EXTENDO range offers an array
of sustainability benefits: protecting
food against mineral oil contamination,
reducing food waste, preserving flavor
and aroma, and extending shelf life
through oxygen and moisture barrier
To replace aluminum, metallized
PET, and PVdC coated films in coffee
This metallized film provides a high
barrier to gases and UV light, as well
as excellent organoleptic properties
(i.e., aroma and flavor preservation of
the product). It is an excellent choice
for single-serve coffee capsules as
well as bulk coffee packaging because
the lamination structures are mono-
material (100%PP), chlorine-free, and
easily recyclable.
Fresh pasta
For fresh pasta,
offers EXTENDO
XTMH 30μm laminated with cast
OPP 40μm. Fresh pasta is a delicate
food that is extremely sensitive to
temperature and humidity. EXTENDO
XTMH, with its gas and water barriers,
effectively preserves product freshness
and prolongs shelf life.
Biscuits andmore
Specifically designed to replace PVdC
coated films, the new EXTENDO
D729 28μm is ideal for biscuits. Along
with its remarkable transparency,
EXTENDO D729 provides an excellent
barrier to moisture and oxygen,
preserving flavor integrity. It also meets
European Community regulations on
the migration limits of mineral oils,
has a low sealing temperature (75°C),
and delivers excellent performance in
horizontal packaging machines.
Colombian end users are actively looking for sustainable
options which can easily be found in our EXTENDO
range. EXTENDO films offer recyclable mono-material
solutions by replacing PET metal or aluminum foil in
three-ply coffee and powdered milk packaging.
—Gustavo Rodriguez,
Biofilm Colombia Exports Sales Manager
Strategies for Sustainability
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