Ti-News n. 22 // July 2019 - page 12

Selling specialty films
in high-duty countries
When it comes to selling films in high-duty countries,
you’re not only competing on price, you’re also often
competing against local commodity suppliers. It’s
important to impress upon your client that you are the
source that can fulfill their specialized needs and that you
have the product and technical knowledge to help them
maximize their returns long after the initial purchase has
been completed.
Customers know that pricing is just one part of the
equation. A skilled and knowledgeable salesperson—by
fully understanding the client’s objectives, technology,
end-user demands, and aesthetics and performance
requirements—effectively becomes a key partner in the
client’s success.
Consider the example of Brazil, where there is a 16% duty
plus 5% tax added to the price of film. The only way the
technical representative can overcome an initial price
objection, especially one so significant, is to demonstrate
that the Taghleef film excels in every other category:
high and consistent quality throughout the entire roll,
appearance, feel, barrier properties, shrink percentage,
and reliable performance from start to finish—even on the
most complex and technologically advanced processing
line. After all, what good is a lower-priced film if it’s going
to break during processing and cause costly delays on the
production floor?
Exceptional quality, reliability, and performance
pay off in the end, even when initial pricing
seems to be a barrier in the beginning. With
their advanced product and technical
knowledge, and their willingness
to work as partners to deeply
understand all their customers’
needs, expectations, and
pressures, Taghleef
salespeople excel at
highlighting value
over cost and
over price.
can now supply both
standard and specialized
high barrier metallized films
from Colombia and Mexico
without paying duties, which
benefits both our customers and
end users.
—Jaime Araujo,
Manager – Brazil/Chile
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