Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 8

La economía circular:
Mexicomoves towards the Circular Economy
Following in the path of the
world’s more advanced economies,
Mexico and its industrial sector
are taking major steps forward
into environmental and ecological
consciousness. In recent years,
Mexico has continued to invest in
environmental technology, especially
in the areas of air and water
pollution, and to a lesser extent in
waste management. Things have
been changing for the better for all
three over time.
These changes are a result of both
governmental and societal pressures.
Banning the bags. Stopping the straws
In some areas of the country,
regional laws prohibit the
use of plastic bags in
supermarkets and
In addition, environmental nonprofits
and other organizations have
launched a strong campaign against
plastic straws over the past year,
reducing use by 30 percent in only
two months. Many such initiatives
are geared towards protecting marine
life and minimizing plastic pollution
in oceans and waterways.
The role of Taghleef
With its reputation as a global
leader and innovator,
is ideally
positioned to be part of the change:
a go-to resource as Mexico moves
further toward sustainability in
its economy. Customers, including
converters and end-users, are turning
more and more to
for their PLA
biodegradable and compostable
plant-based NATIVIA® film range,
as well as for their 100% recyclable
BOPP films for use in straw wraps
and flexible packaging for bakeries
and other food producers.
As Mexico’s economy and
manufacturing become more
sophisticated, so will its search
for solutions that are effective,
economical, and sustainable.
success in Mexico will grow as
they continue their commitment
to providing best-in-class
sustainable products,
technology, and
engagement for their
Mexican clients.
Strategies for Sustainability
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