Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 6

Strategies for Sustainability
Collaboration is key
tomeeting growing demand for sustainability
When it comes to repurposing,
Australia has been thinking “outside
the tube.” Partnering with a local
Aboriginal artist and teacher, Dave
Dunn, they created a recycling program
that addresses cultural, social and
environmental issues.
Dave is a resourceful teacher
who is always looking beyond
traditional materials for his art
students to paint. When he learned
that a near constant supply of
empty cardboard cores could be
available, Dave came up with a clever
idea: use the hollow cores to create
painted didgeridoos and emu callers in
his art class. Turns out, when you cut
the cores in half and hit the hollow end
of the caller with your hand, it replicates
the sound of an emu. Who knew?
The result? Something that would
otherwise be discarded becomes a useful
learning tool and medium of cultural
expression for socially disadvantaged
Demand for sustainable packaging is
growing exponentially thanks to more
governments adopting packaging policies
that focus on recyclability, sustainability,
and minimizing food waste.
Bringing together their skills and
technological capabilities, Cavanna SpA,
Sacchital Group, and Taghleef SpA in
Italy have developed a sustainable food
packaging solution that meets or exceeds
policy targets while also providing the
aesthetic and protective performance the
marketplace demands.
The objectives of this collaboration were
very specific: create food packaging
made from 100% renewable sources,
determine the
converting feasibility
of the packaging,
and demonstrate its
machineability on
Cavanna’s high-
speed flow pack
The result: a duplex structure of
’s NATIVIA® NTSS 20-micron film
laminated to Sacchital NaturaPaper®.
This combination offers the aesthetic
appeal of paper without its inherent
weaknesses in terms of strength,
tightness, and sealing capabilities, and it
also provides an excellent barrier against
grease and mineral oil.
This partnership between Cavanna,
Sacchital, and
proves that an
integrated approach involving the entire
value chain—from the development to
the creation of a packaging solution—
is the right direction towards eco-
innovation and environmentally friendly
economic growth.
Calling all emus:
recycling becomes art
in Australia
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