Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 4

Barilla and Taghleef collaborate
on best-in-class recyclable packaging
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of traditional packaging ...
Barilla had been using a typical composition of PP/ALU/
PE. The aluminum foil inner layer was selected as it best
met the barrier requirements as measured in oxygen
transmission rates (OTR) and water vapor transmission
rates (WVTR). The PE layer was used for its sealing
To achieve 100% PP-based and therefore recyclable
packaging, all the layers had to be changed. Moreover,
the structure had to provide the same properties and
performance in terms of containment, protection,
printability, convenience, sealability, and compatibility with
existing packaging machines.
... compared to LCA of innovative packaging with EXTENDO
For their innovation in sustainable packaging, Barilla and
decided on XZMU in the EXTENDO® range, which provides
a robust barrier and boosts the final recyclability of the
package. This high barrier metallized BOPP film provides
outstanding barriers to water vapor and oxygen, as well as
excellent aroma and light barriers. Because of its PP base,
EXTENDO XZMU offers a mono-material solution that’s
ultimately recyclable.
The team decided to substitute the external paper layer for
a BOPP film to protect the print. This sandwich structure
is a good choice to ensure that the print is protected and
not exposed to outside elements. In addition, the PE layer
was replaced with a cast PP film which provides excellent
sealing and seaming properties for optimum product
Since EXTENDO XZMU provides OTR and WVTR values
below 0.1 (cc/m²/day and g/m²/day, respectively), the new
packaging upheld the same degree of product shelf life,
despite the lack of aluminum foil. What’s more, the new
BOPP-based structure offers a weight reduction of 27.8%.
In 2017, Barilla set the bar high by introducing a new sustainability target: a zero-waste
packaging goal which is achievable through recyclability and reduction at source and
meets EU requirements.
To achieve this target for its bakery range, Barilla worked closely with Taghleef
Industries’ Research & Development team to develop a new packaging structure that
not only delivers high barrier protection, thus avoiding the risk of any food waste,
but also preserves the high quality of the ingredients—all while meeting the essential
target of being recyclable with a 100% PP mono-material structure.
Paper 50 g/m2 OPP 25 μm
Aluminium 7 μm EXTENDO®
XZMU 30 μm
PE 35 μm
Cast PP 25 μm
Unit weight
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...24
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