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The addition of Biofilm extends Taghleef’s
production and service models throughout Latin
America. Combined, Taghleef now boasts more
than 540 talented and dedicated individuals serving
the region. The Latin America team knows the
markets and customers, speaks the language, and
brings with them in-depth knowledge of market
needs, priorities, and business cultures.
A stronger product portfolio for Latin America
and beyond
With a greater presence in Latin America, Taghleef’s
existing portfolio of films will now be more readily
available, including the industry’s best label films and
products unique to
, such as DERPROSA™, NATIVIA®,
and EXTENDO®. Biofilm’s range of innovative products,
including high barrier metalized films and high seal
integrity films, will still remain an important focus and
will also be expanded for commercial availability.
It’s an exciting time for everyone involved. The
extensive supply chain network
has built over the
years will facilitate and expedite the delivery of Biofilm
products throughout the world. The combination of
Taghleef’s global presence with Biofilm’s regional
manufacturing and talented workforce creates a
leading supplier in Latin America and beyond.
Taghleef-Biofilm Integration Kick-Off
From January 14 to 16, more than 60 people met in
Cartagena, Colombia for a Taghleef-Biofilm Integration
Kick-Off. Taghleef leaders from every region and key
representatives from all functions came together to
address relevant issues and
worked in a spirit of camaraderie
and cooperation. Full integration
of each company’s operating areas
is expected in the coming months.
Don Sturgeon, General Manager of
the newly formed
Latin America,
remarked, “I was truly impressed by the
quality of work delivered in such a short
time. Experience tells me that the two
teams integrating into one so quickly
and seamlessly means that we’re on
the right trajectory to exceed our own
expectations—and those of our
customers in the region.”
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Altamira, Mexico
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Growth in the Americas
Welcoming Biofilm to Taghleef
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