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As a global enterprise, our
connections between employees
and customers span the
world. As busy as we all are
with our business and family
responsibilities, we always take
time to focus on the connections
we share with our communities.
In Italy
Once again, a team from
participated in a day-long run for
charity in the heart of Udine, Italy
in support of Fondazione Telethon.
Held on the first weekend of
December, this 24-hour-long race
brings together hundreds of teams
of 24 members. Each team member
takes a turn running for one hour,
starting at 3pm Saturday and ending
at 3pm Sunday. This year marks
the 20th run, and Taghleef is proud
to participate in this event to raise
funds that support research for rare
genetic diseases.
In Spain
In 2018, Taghleef Industries SLU
continued their collaboration with
11q España association. Its mission
is to provide support for parents
and families of children affected
by Jacobsen Syndrome, a rare
chromosome disorder, through
communication, raising awareness,
and other cooperative activities.
supports this important
organization by supplying the
DERPROSA™ film used to produce
their yearly calendar.
Taghleef believes in people and
their values, including sport and
fellowship, and that’s one of the
reasons they sponsor a Sierra Club
run in the countryside. The “Club
Sierra Sur de Jaén – montaña y
atletismo” has its roots in the
promotion of the Sierra Sur de
Jaén, a beautiful, natural area
in the region where
Spain is
located. The club, which was
launched in the beginning of 2018,
has already made a significant
impact, both nationally and
internationally. Taghleef is
especially proud to announce that
their local runner, Silvia Lara, has
been proclaimed Champion of the
Andalusian Cup of Mountain Races
in 2018.
Making the difference
in our Communi
es around the world
Left: Telethon in Udine
Top Center: 111q Espana 2019 Calendar
Top Right: Silvia Lara, 2018 Andalusian Champion
Bottom Right: Sierra Club members with sponsors flag
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