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Propak West Africa is easy to summarize: three days of
positivity that provided a true reflection of the growing
nature of the flexible packaging industry in Nigeria and
across greater West Africa.
Taghleef Industries exhibited at the show to celebrate
their long presence in Africa’s biggest economy and most
populous country and to showcase their innovative BOPP
products that are sustainable, both economically and
Held in Lagos at the Landmark Convention Centre from
September 18 to 20, Propak 2018 drew thousands of
attendees looking for next-generation technology and
products in flexible packaging. Taghleef’s blue and
white booth welcomed many of the top names in the
industry and provided countless opportunities for building
customer relationships. Visitors learned about
’s wide
range of film solutions, including their SHAPE360
label films; in addition, many showed particular interest in
their IML films, as IML is emerging as the next innovation
in the market.
Mobilizing its global expertise and geographical insights
within Africa,
is fully geared to take its customers in
Nigeria and West Africa to the next level.
Colombo’s cool breeze and the locals’ warm hospitality
welcomed the
team to COMPLAST Sri Lanka. Taghleef
Industries participated in the event to showcase its wide
portfolio of offerings, reconnect with customers, and
network with potential partners.
introduced its NATIVIA® and DERPROSA™ brands in
answer to the region’s growing demands for premium
value-added and specialty film options that allow more
sustainable packaging solutions.
The culmination of the visit was a gathering with
customers for a night of celebration and recognition
of fifteen successful years in Sri Lanka, along with a
special thank you to their local partner, Mr. I.L. Dawood,
and the team from Global Packaging Services for their
commitment and support in serving the local market
alongside Taghleef Industries.
expresses appreciation for the opportunities and
relationships they have in Sri Lanka, saying thank you—or,
in the local language, “Bohoma Istuti, Sri Lanka!”
at PropakWest Africa:
It’s all about growth
Taghleef strengthens customer
relationships in Sri Lanka
Ti-AMEA Sales Managers Abdul Rasheed and Agnel Pinto
Left to Right: Yasara Jayasundra, I.L. Dawood of Global Packaging Services Ltd., Maria
Monique Murillo and Agnel Pinto from Taghleef Industries LLC, and Anfaz Dawood of
Global Packaging Services.
Ti team and Sri Lankan customers during the get-together
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