Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 20

Europe: Building a “Next Generation”
management team
When the market hits rough waters, finding a solid rock for
orientation and support is essential.
Customers today face an extraordinary array of challenges—
rough waters—in managing their businesses and planning
for growth: product design and quality, production efficiency,
distribution networks, circular economy mandates, and of
course, cost management. By adapting our management
structure, Taghleef is positioning itself to be the solid rock
customers can rely on.
Europe management is transitioning to a new generation
team, where the leadership in key frontline areas has been
restructured to offer product expertise and a project approach
with customer service as a focus.
With its base in Germany,
Europe is ideally located to offer
easy access to all points in the continent—North, South, East,
andWest. By developing and spreading the power of the
Sales Force throughout Europe, more customers will
grow in awareness of the strategic value of working
with Taghleef.
The goal is to provide the most advantageous cost,
technology, and time-to-market solution for each customer.
For that reason, Supply Chain is now leading the process of
plant selection in concert with Sales. As a result, decision
making, coordination within Europe, and connection with
offshore production centers are streamlined and more
Sales now can count on reinforced Business Unit teams in the
key areas of Labels, Flexible Packaging, and Technical films.
This tripod model provides the solid base that allows a faster
momentum from project mode to actual implementation
by removing the hurdles hampering customers’ growth
Savvy customers understand that the least expensive product
price does not always turn out to be the best value. Under
the leadership of the
Europe Sales Director and in close
connection with Key Account managers, Taghleef will work
in partnership with their clients to customize the products,
processes, and strategic solutions that will
make them successful.
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