Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 19

Today’s socioeconomic landscape is
often defined by the generations.
The Baby Boomers are the sunset,
while Gen Xers, Millennials, and
Gen Zers are shining brightly. Now,
Generation Alpha is dawning. Born
after 2010, Alphas are speculated
to be the most transformational
generation yet. They’ll be the
largest generation our world has
ever seen, not to mention the most
technologically aware and most
influential consumers.
So, how will Generation Alpha
consumer behaviors change
consumer product packaging, and
how will IML technology evolve
and adapt? No one has a crystal
ball, but there are aspects that
“Alpha Gen” will embrace and drive
in the future, namely reduced
environmental impact, connectivity
with consumers, process efficiency,
functionality, and digital
technology integration.
Alpha-IML films will likely address
the concern for environmental
impact of rigid plastic containers by
offering BOPP film solutions with
post-consumer recycle content—a
big challenge both in terms of
quality of recycle material and
food contact certifications. The
replacement of paper IML with
paper-look synthetic films will
enable mono-material packaging
that is highly recyclable. Waste
and cost reduction are also critical,
so printing, molding, and filling
efficiency are key to being on the
competitive edge. Thinner BOPPs
of the future should sheet, feed,
print, and die cut faster than paper
and are expected to replace paper
and be re-usable, as well.
And that’s not all. Alpha-IML
films could allow new haptics
and the integration of fragrances
that recall positive images and
memories in the consumer’s mind,
as well as longer shelf life for
foods and reduced food waste.
Digitalization of packaging
might not only incorporate
RFID, QR, NIR technologies but
may also include waste-
sorting taggants
and identifiers
to help in the
war on plastics.
With the widest
IML portfolio in the
is ideally positioned to
shape the future of IML.
Generation Alpha’s effect on IML films
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