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news from European expos
FachPack and All4Pack
FachPack: Focus on sustainability
and the circular economy
The circular economy was the main
subject at FachPack, held in Nuremberg,
Germany fromSeptember 25 to 27.
Many long-term substrate structures like
Paper/met-PET/PE or PP/ALU/PE have
come under evaluation due to upcoming
German and EU packaging directives.
Customers and visitors were looking for
sustainable solutions that tick all the
boxes on barrier and other properties but
require no major changes to conversion
and packaging equipment. Taghleef’s
EXTENDO® and NATIVIA® products are
ideal choices.
The EXTENDO range, particularly in OPP/
CPP laminates, offers a mono-material
structure to the market with aroma-,
gas-, vapor-, and mineral oil barriers
plus all the desired sealing properties.
The bio-based NATIVIA portfolio offers
an exceptional carbon footprint and
upcycling opportunities while also
providing a very good mineral oil barrier.
With a partner from Interseroh waste
management systems present at the
Taghleef booth, visitors were able to
learn of packaging solutions and post-
consumer recycling at one location.
PackTheFuture 2018: Sustainable
plastic packaging award at All4Pack
Taghleef was proud to be a sponsor of
the 4th annual PackTheFuture Award.
Winners were announced at All4Pack in
Paris, France on November 27.
PackTheFuture is an initiative of ELIPSO,
The French Plastic and Flexible Packaging
Association and IK Industrievereinigung
Kunststoffverpackungen e.V., the German
Plastics Packaging Association. The award
celebrates sustainable solutions that
showcase the innovative and creative
potential of all kinds of plastic packaging.
This year, 48 entries were received from
across Europe, with 13 winners among
four categories: Ecodesign, Product
Protection, Social Benefit, and Save Food.
This year also featured a special award
for the world’s first recyclable shampoo
bottle made of “beach plastic,” recycled
plastic made from plastic waste collected
from beaches.
The high quality of the entries
demonstrates that members of IK and
ELIPSO have achieved much success in
pursuing sustainable plastic packaging
solutions. The ceremony concluded with
a cocktail reception for more than 100
attendees, hosted by Taghleef.
Vivien Ponthieu, Ti Area Sales Manager France and
Francesca Marcatti, Internal Sales France at All4Pack
Taghleef team at FachPack
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